iOS 7 Beta Download

August 18, 2013

As the summer winds down, the release of the new iOS 7 and Apple’s hopefully new iPhone has customers very anxious. Earlier with the release of iOS 7 beta, developers and hackers have gotten their hands on a glimpse of the new software. Although it is late in the game, for anyone who still may want to test out the new software, information regarding the install is below.*

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Install iOS 7:

1) Go to the following link to download the IPSW for the particular device.
2) Once the file is downloaded, plug up your device, go into iTunes and make sure you have backed it up.
3) Once the backup is finished, Shift(Option) + Click the check for updates button. A window should pop up allowing you to select the IPSW file to install the update.
4) Select the correct file for the device you are looking to update.
5) Let the phone update and install.

You can continue to check for updates until the release of the official iOS 7 software.**

**Any backup saved on iOS 7 whether it be on a computer and/or iCloud, does not back convert to iOS 6 so you will have to use a previous iOS 6 backup if you downgrade. Proceed at your own risk.

IPSW File Downloads Link: Here

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