iOS 7 Gold Master

September 14, 2013

Hey everybody.  I know the anticipation for iOS 7 is killing some of you, so I’ve included below, the links to iOS 7 for the iPhone and for the iPad.  In order to retrieve a backup from the computer, you will have to have the latest version of iTunes, which is currently the beta.  Otherwise, you will be able to use your iCloud backup.  Currently there are only links to the beta version of iTunes for the Mac.

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Install iOS 7:

1) Go to the following link to download the IPSW for the particular device.
2) Once the file is downloaded, plug up your device, go into iTunes and make sure you have backed it up.
3) Once the backup is finished, Shift(Option) + Click the check for updates button. A window should pop up allowing you to select the IPSW file to install the update.
4) Select the correct file for the device you are looking to update.
5) Let the phone update and install.
*Make sure that before you attempt any update, you back up your device either to iTunes or to iCloud.  I would recommend both.  If you install correctly, you won’t lose the information on your phone unless it is currently jailbroken.

iPhone iOS 7 Links:

iOS 7 GM (iPhone 4 – CDMA)

iOS 7 GM (iPhone 4 – GSM Rev A)

iOS 7 GM (iPhone 4S)

iOS 7 Gold Master (iPhone 5 GSM Model A1428)

iOS 7 GM (iPhone 5 – Model A1429)


iPad iOS 7 Links:

iOS 7 GM (iPad – 4th generation Model A1458)
(not yet)

iOS 7 GM (iPad mini – Model A1432)

iOS 7 GM (iPad mini – Model A1454)

iOS 7 GM (iPad mini – Model A1455)

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